Large sailing yachts are no longer linked with tough sailors and bunk beds because to their thrilling performance under sail, ability to motor at speeds up to 10 knots, luxury interiors, and lavish amenities! You can find some excellent examples of this on our website. Sailing boat construction methods and general quality have improved significantly in recent years. The complete silence that comes with turning off the engine and sailing out into the distance, which for many seems to be the ultimate fantasy, is a nice perk.

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Perhaps with a more roomy interior than a pure sailing vessel and with larger, more durable equipment for all-power cruising. Additional deck space for dining and sunbathing spaces as well as more storage for water sports gear are additional benefits. The motor sailers exhibited on our website are of the same high quality as the performance yachts in terms of their interior furnishings and amenities.

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A luxury sailing yacht can provide an amazing vacation with family and friends, regardless matter whether you are an experienced yachtsman or a first-time charterer. A charter experience unlike any other may be had by combining the wide range of opulent interior features and luxuries with the ultimate sense of freedom when sailing the open seas.

Sneed Tropical Yacht charter fleet offers a wide range of crewed sailing yacht types, from traditional to modern to performance yachts, each of which provides a distinctive setting for sailing vacations. There is a vast selection of styles, sizes, and amenities for sailing yachts for you to pick from, whether you want to enjoy the racing thrills of a race or a slower pace of life cruising through stunning Caribbean islands.

Even though sailing boats are less well known for their upscale interiors and an extensive list of amenities, many of them today are outfitted with cutting-edge entertainment technologies, Jacuzzis, gyms, and toys that can rival luxury motor yachts. It goes without saying that this is safeguarded by a stunning exterior design, a range of lovely interiors, and spacious outdoor areas for absolute comfort for everyone while navigating the world’s waterways.

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View our extensive collection of crewed sailing yachts that are available for charter with a wide range of style and size options to meet your needs. Your charter broker can assist you in selecting the ideal sailing yacht and can provide expert guidance on reservations and the ideal dates to travel to your desired location.

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Our sailing yachts are available for charter in some of the most enticing locations on earth, like the Caribbean, New England, the South Pacific, Greece, Turkey, and the Mediterranean, to mention a couple. A wide choice of opulent facilities, including side swimming platforms, roomy seating, dining, and lounge areas, Jacuzzis, stylish bedrooms, exquisitely custom-designed interiors, and more, are available on our fleet of luxury sailing yachts for rent. Additionally, each of our sailing ships has a highly skilled and committed crew that can anticipate your every need to ensure that you have lasting experiences.

Our team of professionals can help you choose your ideal crewed sailing yacht because we are the industry leaders in crewed luxury sailing yacht charters. Due to their extensive knowledge, several of our charter brokers specialize in sailing yachts and can provide you with the best guidance for your sailing yacht charter vacation. Browse our selection of sailing yachts for rent to get started on your once-in-a-lifetime voyage. Alternatively, if you’re interested in owning one, browse our huge selection of sailing yachts.