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The Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California and home to some of the best marine life on earth, is a must-visit location on your Mexico yacht charter if you want to go diving spectacularly all year long.

The Sea of Cortez, a confined body of water, divides the Mexican mainland from the Baja California peninsula. On a Sea of Cortez yacht charter, you can learn why John Steinbeck felt compelled to write a chronicle of his leisurely excursion here in 1940 and why Jacques Cousteau famously dubbed the watery Arcadia “the world’s aquarium” due to its ecosystem sustaining over 2,900 species of fish and mammals. In fact, it is regarded as such a rich source of speciation that it has been given UNSESCO World Heritage designation.

Learn about the more than 240 islands and islets with desolate white sand beaches, high rocky cliffs, nightclubs, golf courses, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Dive in the turquoise waters’ naturally abundant marine life, including blue whales, sharks, barracuda, wahoo, and marlin.

Mexico is one of Latin America’s most gorgeous and culturally rich nations, and this is its most underestimated cruising ground. From its ancient Mayan and Aztec roots to its modern resurrection as a center for arts and sciences. With a boat hire in Mexico, explore the treasures that are waiting.

The Baja Peninsular and the Sea of Cortez are the center of Mexico’s yacht charter industry. The capital and base for yacht charters, La Paz, situated at the tip of a peninsula that is used for sailing in Baja. The Sea of Cortez has uninhabited beaches, welcoming natives, and fantastic sailing, making it one of the largest pristine yacht charter vacation destinations in the world. A striking contrast of dry red dunes frames the sapphire blue waters on either side. You’ll cruise past exceedingly arid and rough terrain as you enjoy a yacht charter trip, which will make the invitingly pure blue waters seem even more tempting.

You will pass by uninhabited islets where sea lions are lazing around and entertaining themselves. Drop anchor in a pristine bay or beach and take in the breathtaking views from the deck of your charter yacht. There are several things to do, including dive, snorkel, walk, or fish. There is a rich aquatic habitat below the beautiful seas.

Visitors to yacht charters are mesmerized every year by migratory whales, dolphins, and spectacular manta rays. The Baja Peninsular offers the possibility of solitary idyllic days. Toast your own findings as you observe the sky turning pink over the desert in the twilight. Before venturing ashore to see some of La Paz’s best cuisine and nightlife, have a peaceful drink on your charter yacht.

In Baja Mexico, you can charter any of the common types of boats, including motor, sailing, bareboat charter, skippered, crewed, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts, and occasionally even super yachts.

The best time of year to charter a boat is from November to May. Be aware that Baja winds occasionally have a tendency to be a little erratic, which keeps your sailing interesting.

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Mexico’s Baja California Yacht Charter The Baja Peninsular and the Sea of Cortez are the center of Mexico’s yacht charter industry.

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Activities to do while renting a yacht in the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is without a doubt one of the best locations in the world for a sea safari. You may either cruise to Cabo Pulmo, a sizable Marine Protected Area, where you can view whales, both blue and humpback, sharks, and even jumping manta rays, to try and find the big five: mahi-mahi, manta ray, shark, marlin, and sailfish.

The Sea of Cortez is often referred to as the “Galapagos of North America” because it offers close interactions with a variety of marine species. For example, hundreds of sea lions may be seen at Los Islotes, a rocky island north of La Paz.

On dry ground, explore Isla San José, where you can wander through forests of enormous cacti and view remnants from its defunct salt-mining industry, or drive a dune buggy from desert to ocean in Cabos San Lucas. You can even board a helicopter and go wine tasting in the Guadalupe Valley.

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The beautiful Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, separates La Paz from Mexico at the tip of the Baja California Sur peninsula. The ideal location for a true, pristine sailing vacation is the sea, which has legendary status among sport fishers and divers.

On your La Paz yacht charter, you’ll discover serene turquoise coves, unpolluted deserts, and rough mountain ranges in addition to gorgeous secluded anchorages along more than 100 miles of coastline.

Sailing to Isla San Francisco will bring you to a well-liked anchorage in a crescent-shaped bay that is surrounded by white sand beaches, red cliffs, and pristine waters. Excellent hiking, snorkeling, and fishing are available in this picturesque cove.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to go whale- or dolphin-watching and get up close to these lovely animals. Or you may go swimming with sea lions at Isla Espiritu Santo’s natural aquarium.

In addition to luxury resorts, golf courses, exquisite dining establishments, museums, and restored colonial-era buildings, La Paz’s Marina Costa Baja serves as our base for your sailing trip. La Paz is a memorable place as a result of all of these factors.

Take a sea lion swim

One of the best things to do in La Paz is to take a cruise to the picturesque island of Espiritu Santo, where you can snorkel and swim with playful sea lions. You may take in the breathtaking scenery of the rough red rock islands, birds, and marine life while you’re there. Isla San Francisco hiking

Hike the crest that leads to the summit of the hills that encircle this lovely crescent harbor. Keep your camera handy to record the striking contrasts between the sky, sea, sand, and rock. Walk around the Malecon boardwalk

While sailing La Paz, be sure to check out the picturesque Paseo Alvaro Obregon shoreline. Enjoy the beautiful statues while you stroll around the Malecon Boardwalk stores, and in the evening, take in the breathtaking sunset while trying some of the local cuisines from the food vendors. at Isla Espiritu Santo, snorkeling

On the island of Espiritu Santo, Cardenal and Candelero offer excellent snorkeling opportunities and should not be missed. After your swim, have a picnic right here on the beach. View the whale sharks as they migrate.

It’s safe to swim with the gentle giant whale sharks in La Paz because they graze on filters. Because of the strict regulations put in place to preserve the animals, you must make your reservations with an authorized local tour operator. We advise you not to pass up the opportunity because it’s one of the top things to do in La Paz.

Yacht Charter Baja – La Paz Itinerary


After 1.5 hours and 8 miles, you will reach La Paz, depart the harbor, and anchor at Puerto Balandra while passing Roca Lobos to see sea lions. There are eight beaches, a salt lagoon, and “El Hongo,” a rock formation that has come to symbolize La Paz, in this lonely, unpopulated coastal area. This area is surrounded by low reddish mountains that occasionally have desert plants and giant cardón cacti. The beaches around the Gulf’s turquoise, blue, and green waters have white sand, which stands out starkly against the red mountains. These seas are home to tens of thousands of vibrant tiny fish, coral, and larger species such as green sharks, dogfish, barracuda, tuna, striped mullet, and “sierra.”

A salt lagoon was formed by the sea waters that periodically came inland, not far from the actual sea. It is bordered by mature mangroves and shallow enough to stroll across. Because of its shallowness and an average temperature of 84F/30C, the water is typically very warm, evaporates quickly, and becomes saltier than ocean water. Small beach eateries (palapas) and locations to rent equipment for water sports do exist, but they have not been developed by the local La Paz population in an effort to maintain the area’s natural beauty.


San Gabriel’s Bahia – Visit San Gabriel (7 miles, 1 hr). either snorkel Rocas Suwanee in San Lorenzo Channel or dive the Salvaterra (a ferry that is submerged 60 feet below the surface). Walk or climb over the island to Playa Bonanza in the afternoon (simple, well-marked trail, about 2 miles one way) (4 miles 0.5 hr).


Galeta Partida to Puerto Ballena – Day of diving or hiking. Visit Isla Gallo and/or Isla Gallina for snorkeling at Puerto Ballena, or dive the Lapas No. 3 wreck (60 feet deep, mast 27 feet below surface) or the 70-foot-deep Fang Ming wreck, which were both intentionally sunk to create reefs. A quick trek along the bay is optional. Sail to Caleta Partida (6 miles, 1 hour) in the late afternoon for beach time, paddle boarding to sea caves on the east coast, snorkeling, a short hike to the top of the bay, and beach crossing. It’s fun to see a remote-control sailboat regatta.


Set off for a hike, a dive, or the beach after breakfast. On the Ensenada Grande off of Isla Partida, lunch will be served. Travel Magazine called this beach the most stunning in Mexico and one of the top 12 beaches in the world. Swim, snorkel, take a tender to the next bay (Las Cuevitas) to see a colony of blue-footed boobies, hike hills with views of the water, and go scuba diving at Rocas Tintorera.


Snorkel and swim in the company of curious and amiable sea lions at Los Islotes. It is a fantastic site to go beachcombing or take a hike along the rocky shore, keeping an eye out for brown pelicans, gulls, roaming great blue herons, and boobies. The area’s rough cliffs and bays were carved deeply into the coastline. You might cruise down the east coast (lunch while underway) and anchor in Playa la Bonanza, depending on the weather (12 miles, 1.5 – 2hrs). Enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll along the beach, which is a roughly 2-mile-long crescent-shaped stretch of white sand. You may even head back along the west coast to any of your favorite former anchorages.


Playa Bonanza or Puerto Ballandra — Spend the morning at anchor to take advantage of the water activities if you are in Playa Bonanza. Divers can dive the Salvaterra shipwreck in the San Lorenzo channel by hiking across the island to Bahia San Gabriel (simple, well-marked walk, 2 kilometers each way). If on the west coast, spend the morning at anchor while engaging in water activities. In the afternoon, sail the 10 miles (or 1.5 hours) to Puerto Ballandra, or return to the marina in the evening to be ready for a night on the dock or a meal in La Paz.


La Paz: Return to the marina (8 miles, 1.5 hours) following breakfast and explore La Paz on land.