Corporate Incentives & Rewards on a Luxury Yacht!

Your most significant assets are your staff. Making them aware of how essential they are to you in the corporate environment of today is more crucial than ever. Use a corporate incentive program to reward your staff for their tenure, level of performance, exceptional accomplishment, innovation, time- and/or money-saving suggestions, and commitment to health and safety.

The world’s resorts are getting dull; we’ve all been there. We are not looking for a cruise ship holiday, plain and simple. Now, we dare you to stand out by deciding to take your next business incentive event on a one to ten day private business cruise aboard your own private vessel. Everyone’s memories of these private luxury yacht trips will last for years.

Employees require incentive, respect it, and need it. When their CEOs have a robust incentive scheme in place, all these points receive a pat on the back. Is it possible to successfully lead your top executives to pursue higher ambitions?
Everybody thinks about new strategies to increase sales. Here’s a great approach to inspire your top executives: hire a luxury yacht.
We’ve all heard the proverb, “If you soar with the eagles, you can’t hire turkeys.” Let’s offer your staff an eagle reward, then. The most sought-after private events in the world may be our business and corporate programs.

Featured Corporate Yacht Programs

Program 1:

Sea Dreams Yacht Club
All-inclusive luxury yacht for up to 110 guests. This is not a cruise ship, it’s an all-inclusive luxury yacht designed for a large group.

*Larger groups up to 110

*Starting from +- $2,500 p/p/ week all-inclusive

Program 2:

Tandem Charters
Groups larger than 12 guests whereby 2 or 3 vessels are rented, and they travel together to all your favorite anchorages. This type of vacation offers guests the opportunity to be together, and apart at any time, and makes the experience more private.

*Larger groups up to 40

*Starting from +- 1,500 p/p/ week all-inclusive

Program 3:

Ultra Luxury Mega Yacht Charters
Luxury mega yacht charters for smaller groups. This is the toy of the “in crowd” who enjoy the glitter of St. Barts in the Caribbean to St. Thomas, St. Martin, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia and the Grenadines, St Tropez, Monaco, Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean.

*Smaller groups up to 12

*Starting from +- $3,500 p/p/ week plus-expenses

These individual business incentive programs are worth considerably more to your organization than you might think. These are beneficial in the short and long terms since they boost business sales, honor devoted clients, and inspire your own staff. When connected to board meetings, these private business and corporate gatherings are tax-free. business incentive events for controlling performance and rewarding progress.