Catamaran Charters

Luxury catamarans between 45 and 138 feet in length are available for charter from Sneed Tropical Yacht Charter. Comfort, stability, and twice the space are only the beginning of the added benefits that a catamaran rental may provide for your sailing vacation. The catamaran’s thin, light hulls slice through the water with little resistance, but the broad stance of the twin hulls offers tremendous stability at shallow heel angles. Most sailors, especially those entrenched in monohull history, eventually admit a wish to explore sailing a catamaran. Space, speed, a smooth ride, redundancy, and comfort all eventually come together to form a picture of sailing that is almost too alluring to resist.


You may rent a catamaran in many locations, including the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, Croatia, Italy, and Greece, to name a few. Catamaran charters are quickly rising to the top of our list of available charter options. These multi-hulled boats offer a steady and fun voyage where you may take the helm or let the crew do what they enjoy, making them great for both novice and expert sailors. The greatest kind of boat for combining genuine freedom and traditional sailing with contemporary luxuries found on a luxury motor yacht is a catamaran.

Our Charter Experts are available to speak, answer any questions you may have, and point you in the direction of the most appropriate catamaran thanks to their unmatched expertise and first-hand knowledge of the world’s top sailing locations. Plan your secluded getaway right away.

Why Would I Rent a Catamaran?
There are several reasons why our customers choose to hire a catamaran year after year, including the large deck area, the opportunity to anchor just a few meters offshore, and the stability that the two hulls offer, to name a few advantages. They often provide access to areas that are typically inaccessible due to their shallow draft, which makes them simpler to manoeuvre in shallow water and anchor just meters from the beach. But this is just the beginning of her attraction.

Onboard, visitors may enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom thanks to the spacious deck and spectacular views from the flybridge. Take use of the wide beam’s large room, varied seating spaces, and stability, which can make a big difference for occasional seasickness sufferers. Connecting with the wind between islands not only makes for a relaxing sail and enjoyable experience for all, but it also saves fuel. Her roomy main salon welcomes guests inside to unwind while also acting as a natural wind blocker so you can enjoy sitting outside on the aft-deck when it’s windy. She is suitable for all weather situations. A catamaran’s cabins are separated from one another in the hulls for the utmost privacy, offering roomy sleeping accommodations that are typically doubles and ideal for a group of couples.

The catamaran’s fewer stairs and unrestricted access between the main aft-deck and the galley effectively bridge the gap between the outside and within, inspiring outdoor lifestyle unmatched. Because of the catamaran’s proximity to the water and ease of access, guests can take advantage of everything the ocean has to offer. Those who prefer to relax in the sun can watch the festivities from the deck, which offers more comfort than a typical sailing yacht (especially the trampoline!) and some motor yachts of a similar length.

Charter with crew
If you want a leisurely vacation where you can unwind while your knowledgeable crew navigates your schedule and is attentive to your demands, we advise booking a crewed catamaran. Crewed catamarans often have a knowledgeable skipper and hostess who manage the yacht’s helm, maintenance, cleaning, and cooking.

Interiors & Layouts of Catamarans
The internal arrangement and space of a catamaran set it apart from other vessels. The floor plans of some of our most popular catamarans are shown below to assist you compare the living and sleeping areas and help you choose the best catamaran for you.

3 Cabin Design
The parents can have the full “owner’s suite,” providing them the room and privacy of the entire hull, on a three-cabin catamaran, which is ideal for families. If you need to conduct a little business while traveling, this room frequently has a work area. Two spacious cabins are provided by the shared hull on the opposite side of the boat.

4 Cabin Design
With either a private bathroom or a shared bathroom, each cabin offers good privacy. Four queen cabins with four ensuite bathrooms and showers are available in this exact layout. Due to the similarity of all the cabins, this plan is especially beneficial for up to 4 couples.

Cabin Layout: 5–6
Larger catamarans that are 52′ and beyond frequently contain an additional set of “hidden” crew cabins in addition to 5 or 6 guest cabins. Large families or up to six couples will love these floor plans.

On our best catamarans for charter website, you can quickly search for catamarans in particular places by the “number of cabins” you want to see all of our boats available with the number of cabins you need. As an alternative, you can search for the “number of passengers”