Motor Yacht Charter

Rent a luxury motor yachtCrewed motor yachts are a popular option for luxury charter trips all over the world since they can provide you the most opulent surroundings, roomy accommodations, and a variety of toys, tenders, and amenities, all topped off with first-rate on board service.

Luxury motor yachts are built to give guests with unrestricted comfort, frequently with opulent interiors and first-rate amenities to offer the ideal way to experience the high life at sea. You can wish to make your way through the social schedule of renowned events like the Monaco Grand Prix or go for a quiet anchorage in a remote area of the planet. In either case, a luxury motor boat offers a setting where you may unwind with family and friends, equally at home in Tahiti’s remote cruising grounds as in the upscale ports of the French Riv Charter a luxury power yacht

You can choose from a wide range of superyachts here to meet your vacation demands. This page offers the global fleet of motor yachts that are available for rental. There are numerous options to suit your preferences and needs, ranging from theaters, submarines, and waterslides to sundeck Jacuzzis and fully-stocked health spas. Use our cutting-edge search tools to browse the list and find the ideal design, size, and amenities for you and your visitors in far-flung locales across the globe.iera.

Mega Yacht Charter in Luxury

You can find all the information you need to plan a superyacht charter for your upcoming vacation on our luxury yacht charter website. From novice charterers to seasoned regulars, our charter advice area offers you the best professional advice. The newest charter yachts and the best charter offers are covered in our charter news. When you’re prepared to begin looking for a luxury yacht to rent, our charter search will assist you in locating the best possibilities by letting you sort the most exquisite collection of luxury superyachts by destination, cost, number of passengers accommodated, and other factors.

For those looking for an incredibly clean and stress-free vacation in a stunning location, renting a private crewed motor yacht is becoming an increasingly appealing alternative. For amazing vacations with family and friends, to commemorate significant life events with loved ones, or for event and business entertainment, our Charter Brokers may send both experienced and inexperienced charterers.

Crewed motor yacht chartering combines the opulent hotel level of service with total flexibility to privately explore wonderful locations. Luxury yacht crews are well-trained and committed to just one yacht. As it is their work and desire to make sure your onboard experience is as unforgettable as the scenery outside, crew members not only maintain the boat, sail it, cook for you, clean it, and guide it; they are also specialists in the area.

With your family or a group of couples, charter a private crewed motor boat for wonderful relaxation, breath-taking adventure, and priceless moments. A really distinctive vacation experience is provided by luxury motor yachts. Live like royalty while enjoying service that compares to that of a luxury hotel and a number of amazing features.

Onboard, you’ll typically find a mix of Master Cabins with ensuite bathrooms, VIP Suites, Double and Twin Cabins, exceptional entertainment systems, and a dizzying selection of water toys. A charter yacht vacation is the perfect private getaway not just because of the luxurious interiors and expansive deckspace that invite you to unwind and entertain in style, but also because of the splash pools and exercise area.

A luxury crewed motor boat is the ideal venue for entertaining, and we have a wide selection of yachts that are especially made for hosting seamless events, such as conferences, special anniversaries, honeymoons, and milestone birthdays.

The yacht itself is a fantastic place to host an event, but it also makes a great backdrop for pictures, has a buzzing atmosphere, and offers first-rate service.

Charters for motor yachts

A heavy displacement motor yacht, which can cruise at a speed of between 10 and 14 knots depending on the length of the yacht, is the most popular type of vessel to hire. They typically sit better at anchor and are far more comfortable in rough weather than a speedier yacht. Most of our customers choose to take it easy on a displacement yacht and just unwind while taking in the scenery.

Swift, organized motor yachts

Many yachts of this kind have continuous top speeds of more than 20 knots. The advantage of doing this is that you can travel from port to port as quickly as possible. Imagine having dinner in northern Corsica, possibly Calvi, after a late breakfast in Monaco, lunch in St. Tropez, and evening in St. However, long-distance cruising can be a little uncomfortable in unfavorable weather, and choosing anchorages must undoubtedly be given greater thought. Displacement yachts are completely different in principle, and this particular option will only be suitable for a small number of customers.

Yacht Charter Locations

Finding the ideal location for you is crucial. The most popular locations for crewed superyacht charters are the following: A Mediterranean yacht charter, which offers the best vacation thanks to its exquisite culture, luxurious yachts, and stunning azure waterways. The Mediterranean is a very diverse region with many lovely nations to travel to, including Italy, France, Monaco, Sardinia, Greece, Croatia, and other countries.

The Mediterranean offers everything you might want in a boat hire for the ideal summer getaway. From the vivacious Amalfi Coast and the glitzy attractions of the French Riviera to Greece’s whitewashed tavernas. Or, travel across the pond for some winter sun; the Caribbean has wonderful sailing grounds, the Bahamas is known for its beautiful cays, and the Asia Pacific is known for its off-the-grid resorts.

Exotic natural islands, stunning tropical beaches, and of course luxurious charter ships are all a part of Caribbean yacht charters. Some fantastic mega yachts come to the Caribbean for your holiday to St. Barts, St. Martin, The Virgin Islands, and Antigua.

We provide charter services for all superyachts and megayachts around the world, as well as in the Mediterranean region, which includes Greece, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, France, and Spain. There are also incredibly affordable luxury sailing and motor yachts available in the Caribbean. including the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Bahamas, the British and St. Lucia, St. Barts, Grenadines, Antigua, and the US Virgin Islands and beyond.