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The most popular summer destination is always a boat hire in the Mediterranean. Imaginary locations include the Greek Isles, Italy, Croatia, Sardinia, Spain, and the French Riviera. You may find a wide range of fascinating locations and cultures to explore in this area, which is also where the majority of the large, crewed superyachts are based. Additionally, Europe has the best yachting infrastructure in the world, which means there are a ton of gorgeous marinas with gorgeous private superyachts and mega yachts that can be chartered, in addition to all the shops, restaurants, bars, and conveniences you could possibly need. Both motor (power) and sailing yachts, as well as the increasingly popular huge luxury private superyacht charters, are available for charter in the Mediterranean. On a yacht trip, you can enjoy freedom and choice in some of the most breathtaking locations.

Mediterranean yacht charter

Mediterranean luxury motor yacht charters available, ranging from smaller crewed motor yachts to the largest private superyacht charters, due to the Mediterranean’s extensive geographic coverage and its popularity as the world’s most sought-after luxury yacht destination. Your will feel the change as soon as you board a motor yacht in the Mediterranean.

Charters for Mediterranean Sailing Yachts. A staggering selection of exquisitely crafted luxury sailing yachts and sailing catamarans are available for charter trips, but especially in the Mediterranean, a hotspot for superyachts. The most chartered region is without a doubt the Mediterranean. The French and Italian Rivieras, Sardinia, the Spanish Balearic Islands, Croatia, and Greece are among the Mediterranean destinations that are consistently at the top.

The Mediterranean yacht for you. Although preferences vary, in general, a boat will be in high demand and fully booked early in the season if it is new, stylish, has a reliable crew, and offers a good value. Because our recommendations are based on prior performance and customer feedback, they also raise a charter yacht’s popularity. Before giving a recommendation, we frequently visit the yacht, meet the crew, and assess its condition.

The Mediterranean Yachting Events where you can rent a yacht. Because certain boats can be docked trackside for the finest view of the event, the Monaco Grand Prix is well-liked. The Monaco Yacht Show is undoubtedly worthy of mention later in the year. The Cannes Film Festival and MIPIM, which are located a bit further down the French Riviera coast, are two more noteworthy occasions. Several significant sailing yacht races take place in St. Tropez. The Superyacht Cup, a significant yacht racing competition, is also held in Sardinia.

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