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The six states that makeup New England make up the country’s most condensed and easily accessible region. It’s simple to see all six states in a single trip, but your charter yacht also allows you to stay for a week in a single location. Rhode Island can fit in your coat pocket; the other states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, can all fit inside the state of Oklahoma with room to spare.

We understand what Emily Dickinson meant when she said, “I think New Englandy.” It has to do with inventiveness, independence, and tough individualism in tiny communities.

New England yacht rental

Rental Yacht Charter in New England

Plan your charters around one of the many summertime festivals, but avoid the beach throng by boarding your private yacht instead. Take a walk over sand dunes and lush meadows, go beachcombing or go biking. Try your hand at fishing. A fleet of yachts is equipped to accommodate all of these activities and more. Embark at Newport, Rhode Island, a city known for its megayachts, 12-meter America’s Cup contenders, and vintage schooners. Consider scheduling a charter for the renowned Newport Folk or Jazz Festivals. Visit the Vanderbilt and Astors’ estates. Cruise to quirky, entertaining Block Island next. Enjoy the low-key ambiance. Like the vacation spot, you frequented as a child, Block Island. After that, Martha’s Vineyard is next.

Yachts available for rent in New England
The jet-set loves to hire a yacht in New England, and for good reason. There are cruising grounds in New England to suit every taste, with six magnificent states jam-packed with history, culture, and a patchwork of breathtaking scenery all in one cruising area, also known as super yachting. One of the top charter locations in the world, it offers a unique blend of contemporary metropolises, scenic islands, and exciting offshore activities in a setting rich in yachting history. Simply said, renting a yacht in New England never lets you down.

Luxury yacht charter in New England
A number of internationally known events on the yachting and social calendars are held in New England, in addition to the region’s natural beauty and variety of cultural highlights. Perhaps most notably, it serves as the venue for the coveted America’s Cup, which annually attracts the world’s top sailing yachts to one of the most demanding and thrilling race courses in the sport. This can present a rare opportunity for sailing yacht aficionados to participate in a regatta charter or to simply attend the event and take in the amazing ambiance.

New England itineraries for yacht charters
The cruising grounds in New England are typically separated into two regions: southern New England and Maine when it comes to charter itineraries. Some of the most well-known yachting locations on earth are found in southern New England, with numerous charters departing from Newport, Rhode Island. This breathtaking area, which is widely regarded as the yachting center of the world, has long drawn the superyacht set to its shores. It’s a terrific spot to enjoy top-notch restaurants and bars as well as the abundance of lovely coves and bays along the coast.

In contrast, Maine’s rugged coastline offers an iconic combination of scenery, including high lighthouses, outlying islets, and beach towns backed by mountains. This is a spot where charter guests can truly unwind into life at sea, from seeing the Connecticut wineries to savoring freshly-caught lobster in one of the lovely seafood restaurants.

Organizing your New England luxury yacht charter
The finest guidance on how to take advantage of the best features of the region will be provided by your superyacht captain or charter broker if you are arranging your first New England yacht charter. Now is the time to rely on their in-depth knowledge!

Private yacht rental in New England
Contact Sneed Tropical Yacht Charters, who can assist you in organizing your yacht rental trip, for additional details about renting a luxury motor boat or sailing yacht in New England. Additionally, we will need plenty of time to customize your schedule for you and make reservations in advance for any nights you intend to spend in the marinas. We advise making reservations up to three months in advance to give your yacht charter broker enough time to plan every minute detail.

With sailing hubs like Mystic and Newport, which are home to numerous sailboat yacht charter firms, New England is a sailing yacht country. Start your yacht charter trip at Newport, Rhode Island, which is home to the renowned and difficult America’s Cup sailing vessels as well as New England’s opulent sailboats and motor super yachts. Take a stroll across green meadows and explore the beaches all day. Visit the Astors’ and Vanderbilts’ mansions. Planning a luxury yacht charter in New England around one of the renowned festivals that take place during the summer is a terrific way to enjoy it. Enjoy the Newport Folk or Jazz Festivals, then leave the crowds behind by chartering a luxurious yacht.

Sail to Block Island from Newport and take in the laid-back vibe before continuing on to the lovely and quaint village of Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. Sand beaches and a lighthouse entrance make this an excellent location from which to explore the charming township’s shops and galleries.

Continue to Cuttyhunk to anchor while admiring the breathtaking Vineyard Sound beaches. You might easily spend a day or two seeing Nantucket’s historical museums, art galleries, and shops. Explore this quaint New England Island on foot or by taking a walking tour. The New England region offers all the main types of yacht charters and charters, as well as some of the country’s oldest and most prestigious yachting and charter sites.

The main charter boat season in the New England region typically lasts from May until October, when the summer breeze is at its most consistent and powerful.

A yacht hire in New England has a wide range of options. You may explore the magnificent Maine coastline, the tiny and unspoiled sanctuary of Matinicus Island, the lovely lighthouses and steeples of Penobscot Bay, and the vibrant festivals of Newport by taking a New England charter boat holiday.

New England yacht rental