The Monaco Grand Prix is without doubt the worlds most glamorous Formula One event and there is no better way to take in this magical atmosphere than by being track side, on a Super Yacht at the very epicentre of all that resonates Monaco come Grand Prix time.
The millionaire’s playground of Monaco is the spectacular setting for the tight and twisting street circuit that most motor sport fans regard as the jewel in the crown of Formula 1.


Charter a yacht and feel the excitement building during the countdown to the race. Soon the drama will explode into a frenzy of screaming engines and cheering crowds as the drivers do battle in what is regarded as an ultimate test of their skill. At Sneed Charters we still a number of yachts available for the event. A full service can be provided from flights, heli transfers, hotels, getting around Monaco and also the full hospitality on the yachts. Positioned in arguably the best locations in the harbor to watch the race.You will be able to follow all of the races just metres from the race track offering stylish and
laid back comfort; the ultimate way to luxuriate in the heady atmosphere of Formula One’s most spectacular race location, Monte-Carlo. Most of the yachts have a capacity to host from 30-150 people.